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  • What should we feed our puppy?
    I feed my puppies ROYAL CANIN SMALL PUPPY, DRY FOOD. This is what they are weaned onto, and what you should continue until they are 9-12 months. You can then transition to NutriSource Lamb and Rice formula. This brand is excellent, and I have been using it for years with good results. We will always send home a sample of puppy food when the puppy goes home. Sometimes the Royal Canin is out of stock–then I will fall back on the NutriSource small and medium breed puppy food. For our babies, though, we do prefer Royal Canin puppy food.
  • How often should we feed our puppy?
    The puppies are "free fed" when they are weaned and while they are here. This means the food and water is out at all times for them. Once the puppy has gotten to your home and has completely adjusted, ie: a few weeks, you can switch to schedule feeding 2-3 times per day. Since the shih tzu is a toy breed, it's better for them when they are babies to eat more often, to avoid getting a low blood sugar.
  • Will my puppy be potty trained?
    Your puppy will be trained to wee wee pads starting at the age of 4 weeks. They do not go outside while they are here for potty, for their protection until they have full immunity. Once you get the puppy home, you may transition to the training of your choice. There are many ways to train a shih tzu puppy, do your research. This breed can be hard to potty train, so if you are wanting "easy and quick"....this may not be the breed for you. I will try to guide you in training but I am not a professional trainer...
  • Should I buy a crate?
    This is up to you. The puppies will not be used to a crate while they are here, and some tolerate learning a crate better than others. While they are here, they will be in a playpen–IRIS brand or similar. This is a wonderful option for your home as well and provides for easy transition. It's also a safe place for them to be if you have to be gone for a while, and for night time sleep. Our puppies are used to having "spa music" playing for their scheduled nap times and bedtimes. You can also use a heartbeat stuffed animal for quiet sleeps.
  • What kind of shampoo do you use?
    I am currently using bio-groom products which can be found on Amazon. My favorites are Bio-groom "Groom 'n Fresh" shampoo, and Bio-groom "Fluffy Puppy" shampoo. There is also a cologne from the same company called Groom 'n Fresh that is a favorite as well! Please don't use harsh flea and tick shampoos on your fur baby such as Hartz. If you have a light colored puppy and want to whiten them-we use SPA by Tropiclean-oatmeal and blueberry.
  • How often should I bathe my puppy?
    The puppies get weekly baths starting at 5-6 weeks while they are here. You can continue bathing every 1-2 weeks until the puppy gets older. Then you can decrease to every couple of weeks.
  • How many shots will my puppy have?
    Our puppies are vet checked between 6-8 weeks, and have their first shot which is a 5-way booster. They are also wormed every 2 weeks while here. I update the new puppy families after the vet check with the outcome, weight, etc. The puppies also have their first dose of Revolution which is a heart worm, flea, tick preventative. Once you have your new puppy, you will need to have your vet give the additional 2 boosters approximately 1 month apart for a total of 3 vaccinations.
  • Can I let my puppy play outside right away?
    Until your puppy has had it's full 3 series of puppy vaccinations, it is not fully protected against all diseases. You should not let your puppy go to: PUBLIC DOG PARKS, REST STOPS/DOG WALK AREAS, PETSMART/PET STORES, GROOMERS, OR ANYWHERE THAT IS FREQUENTED BY A LARGE NUMBER OF DOGS OR WILDLIFE. If your yard is clean and safe from other un-vaccinated pets or wildlife, you can certainly let them play outside. Take caution they don't eat things like leaves, grass, and sticks, as curious puppies will do.
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