Bellini x Doodle Bug
Bellini is a new mama! She produced a darling white litter with Doodle Bug, who is a new daddy too!! Puppies arrived on 4-6-16 and will be ready for forever homes in June. All of Bellini's puppies are now spoken for

*******Please note, my puppies are placed as "pet only", no breeding rights~spay/neuter contract.

"Vienna"~white female-ON HOLD
"Hazel"~light cream female-ON HOLD for Tori in MN!-their 3rd puppy from us over the years. :)
"Amelia"~petite white female-ON HOLD for Cyndi in Florida

"Hudson"~white male-ON HOLD for Tom and Pam in ND!
"Bellini"~mother of litter
Doodle Bug-sire of litter Make your own website