Duchess x Ashton
Duchess has 2 gorgeous white/cream boys that arrived on 10/6/14...puppies will be ready for forever homes in December..YES I know I have a SNOW song on this page!!!! But the babies are WHITE and they will be ready in December!! :)

AVAILABLE cream/white male "Casper"~more cream than white
Casper-pigment will be blue or black
Casper-coat color-cream & white
Casper-side view

ON HOLD for Kim- white/cream male-"Snoopy"-mostly white with faint cream markings
Snoopy has a super SMOOSHY face-pigment color not determined yet
Snoopy coat color-white with cream
Snoopy side view of smooshy flat face

"Duchess"-mother of litter-Duchess is a petite 8lb liver & white female out of my Paisley (CH lines) and Muppet (Shang Su lines)
"Ashton"-sire of litter, 5.5lb darling & intelligent white male

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